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Love Amidst The Chaos



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Esha Mehta, had everything in her life- or at least the materialistic things that money could provide. A luxurious lifestyle, wardrobe filled with high-end designer wear, a trust fund she could rely on until her last breath and a name that had fame.

A dreamlife, right?


Sure, for the outer world she never lacked anything. However in her life she lacked many things. Things or rather emotions the black credit cards she held never bought her.

Twenty-three years of living a life with no love, care or affection- one day she decides to change that. To fight her own misery, she starts afresh.  Wanting everything - love, care, partner, affection- life had to offer anyone.

But even before she could sign up the tinder she downloaded and get on her plan, came a proposal like a bomb.


Her father, who never showed any interest in her life until then, has found a groom for her!

Vidyut Mahajan, the twenty-seven year old CEO of state's leading multinational company, the direct heir to Mahajan empire. Born with a golden spoon he's never felt the absence of anything ever- a supporting father, loving mother, insane but adorable siblings- he had it all.

A wonderful life one dreamed of.

But that was until the age of twenty, before his whole world crashed down on him, leaving him shattered in pieces, blinded in fear and responsible for his three younger ones.

He'd never felt so hopeless, and he'd also never felt this intense urge to protect what was his.

So, he did.

He built himself from scratch yet again, held his family closer and took over the role he was forced to.

He was their pillar, but throughout the journey to it, he was somewhere losing himself, letting a part of him bury too deep that he thought it would never return. Or so he wished and believed.

And then came her.  His arranged bride.

Breaking all the barriers he ever tried to create, imploring herself into his heart, filling the hole in him and awakening the buried self of him.

Amidst the chaos of the world and worry she implied her rule, not just in his house but also in his heart.

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